Kathleen Brown, Director:

An Evaluation of LEP (Limited English Proficiency) and Family Planning Services in Missouri

Missouri Family Health Council




As the nature of the presentation will address assessing the needs of persons with limited-English proficiency (LEP) in accessing family planning services in Missouri, it will be a mix of best practice as well as qualitative and quantitative research.


Our intentions are to present the findings of a needs assessment that is being conducted through the Missouri Family Health Council. This needs assessment addresses barriers and challenges as well as solutions and opportunities for persons (primarily women) with LEP accessing family planning services. The findings will address:

         Qualitative information gained from a focus group of family planning providers coded into six main areas of challenge:

o        cultural, systemic, staff attitudes, resources, logistics, and client challenges

         Qualitative information concerning the same challenges gained from focus groups conducted with persons with LEP that are currently clients at family planning agencies.


         Quantitative county-specific data for Missouri on LEP populations, including number of LEP in county, change in population over time, age and sex breakdowns, and language(s) spoken.


         Quantitative and qualitative information gained from a survey of family planning providers throughout Missouri concerning LEP issues. The survey will provide basic demographic data in addition to barriers and solutions family planning providers perceive to be effective ways to deliver service to persons with LEP.


         Analysis of the issue of provider perceptions of the needs of clients with limited-English proficiency and the needs actually expressed by clients with LEP seeking family planning services.


While this project is specific to family planning, we believe it will be applicable to all healthcare arenas, providing vital information on addressing and resolving challenges and barriers to providing healthcare services to and minimizing healthcare disparities for persons with limited-English proficiency. The focus in on a state level.



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