Janice McCauley, Director:

Community Partners for Parkinson Care (CPP): Linking Local Parkinsonís Disease Resources with Diverse and Underserved Communities

Parkinsonís Services


Community Partners for Parkinson Care (CPP) is a National Parkinson Foundation (NPF) program which targets culturally diverse and underserved populations to provide information and support to persons with Parkinsonís disease and to improve access to care.Parkinsonís disease affects at least 1 million Americans. This very complex disease can be treated, but education and training of professionals and patient populations is essential for effective treatment.


Beginning with NPF Centers, networks have been established with local diverse communities in six regions of the United States, three urban and three rural.CPP project directors worked with center coordinators to identify community liaisons and natural helpers in each region. The roles of each of these key players will be discussed at the presentation.


CPP is a four phase project. The phases and some objectives are as follows:

I.††† Community Engagement

-Identifying partners, training in outreach methods, (especially to diverse populations), emphasizing mutual respect

II.†† Forming Community Coalitions-Developing Action Plans

††††† -Develop action plan with outreach strategies

III. Implementing Outreach Action Plans

IV. Sustaining and Integrating Community Partnerships


While this is a national program, Southwest Missouri has been chosen as one of the (rural) project sites. The Parkinsonís Clinic of the Ozarks and the local NPF Chapter, as the local CPP team, are partnering with NPF and other community based organizations to provide education, raise awareness and facilitate access to services for both the Latino and African American populations, and other medically underserved groups.


This presentation will outline the Community Partners for Parkinson Care Program, including lessons learned about what barriers were overcome, the roles of those involved in the program, and progress made since its inception.


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