Tara Ramsay and Alejandra Gudino:

Migrant Farm Workers Interview Workshop

Crowder College, High School Equivalency Program and Missouri Migrant English Language Learners




Federal migrant programs that assist seasonal and migrant farm workers with things such as health and education often have a majority of Latino clients.  To take advantage of these programs to the fullest extend, Latino-serving organizations and school should be aware of how to identify migrant families.  In this workshop, we will discuss various federal definitions of "migrant" and how to interview families to evaluate their migrant status.  We will demonstrate interview techniques and allow participants to practice these interview skills. Participants will become aware of what information is necessary to define a family as migrant and the difficulties involved in acquiring this information. 


Contact information:


Tara Ramsey

Crowder College

Assistant Director

High School Equivalency Program

601 Laclede

Neosho, MO 64850



Alejandra Gudino

Missouri Migrant English Language Learners

Project Coordinator

London Hall, Columbia MO, 65211