Janet Shepard and Richard Sandoval:

Strengthening Home School Communication with PPP

Practical Parenting Partnerships




††††††††††† Practical Parenting Partnerships (PPP), Missouriís framework for parent involvement in the K-12 School setting, was created in 1992 by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Danforth Foundation as the follow-up to Parents As Teachers.PPP works with over one-third of Missouriís school districts and has a presence in twelve other states.PPP provides training and resources to schools on parent involvement.


††††††††††† PPP has tried to be responsive to the needs of schools and the families they serve.This has included translating many of our printed resources into Spanish and helping schools encourage families from other cultures to be involved at school.


††††††††††† In this session we will share the resources, which are available in Spanish and share best practices from both rural and urban schools around the state that have been successful in engaging Latino families at school.Publications in Spanish include the Parentís Guide to No Child Left Behind and booklets for parents on reading and on math.
Workshop participants will receive sample copies of these resources.


Contact Information:


Janet Shepard

Training Coordinator

Practical Parenting Partnerships

2412 Ė C Hyde Park Rd

Jefferson City MO 65109

573 761 7767



Richard Sandoval

Consultant and PPP Trainer