Logo Cambio de colores 2004

Cambio de Colores 2004
Latinos in Missouri:
Gateway to a New Community

March 10-12, 2004
University of Missouri-St. Louis

Last updated:
May 19, 2004

Conference Organizers

Executive Commitee

  • Co-Chair: Kay Gasen, Director, Community and Neighborhood Development Public Policy Research Center, University of Missouri - St. Louis (UMSL)
  • Co-Chair: Domingo Martínez Castilla, Research Associate, International Agriculture; Hispanic and Latin American Faculty and Staff Association (HLAFSA), University of Missouri-Columbia (MU)
  • Financial Chair: Christiane Quinn, HLAFSA
  • Content Co-Chair: Corinne Valdivia, Agricultural Economics - Social Sciences Unit & HLAFSA, MU
  • Content Co-Chair: Stephen Jeanetta, Community Development & HLAFSA, MU & University Outreach & Extension (UO/E)
  • Dolores Arce-Kaptain, Director, Alianzas (UMKC, UO/E)


  • Sponsorship Chair: Rafael Nun Marín, President, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan St. Louis.
  • Conference Manager - St. Louis: Noel Koranda, Continuing Education and Outreach, UMSL
  • Conference Manager - Columbia: Cindy Hazelrigg, MU Conference Office
  • Coordinator: Katy Haas, Alianzas

Theme Chairs

  • Youth, Families, & Communities: Anne Dannerbeck, MU School of Social Work
  • Health: Kym Hemley, Missouri Foundation for Health, St. Louis; Louise Miller, MU School of Nursing
  • Education: Linda M. Espinosa, MU College of Education & HLAFSA; Dolores Arce-Kaptain, Alianzas
  • Civil Rights: Rogelio Lasso, UMKC School of Law; Huyen Pham, MU School of Law
  • Change & Wellbeing: Corinne B. Valdivia, MU; Stephen C. Jeanetta, MU; Sergio Mu´┐Żoz, St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE)

Planning Committee

Deena Al-Mohamed, MU School of Law
Sandra Anderson, Cooperating School Districts, St. Louis
Deborah Burris, Office of Equal Opportunity, UMSL
María Carpena, Department of Health and Senior Services, State of Missouri
C. William Chignoli, La Clínica, St. Louis
Kay Conklin, MU Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Judith Davenport, MU School of Social Work
Yolanda Díaz, Harris-Stowe State College, St. Louis
Wayne Dietrich, UO/E Community Development, Springfield
José Luis García, MU Rural Sociology & HLAFSA
Dorothy Gilles, Farm Labor Organizing Committee, AFL-CIO, St. Louis
Alejandra Gudiño, MU College of Education & HLAFSA
Susan Hanan, Southeast Missouri State University
Jinny Hopp, UO/E, Carthage
Hortencia Kayser, Saint Louis University
Santosh Krishna, Saint Louis University
Nancy Malugani, Columbia Public Schools & HLAFSA
Danny Moritz, Department of Social Services, State of Missouri
Ana Pizarro, Southside Catholic Community Services, St. Louis
Anne Rynearson, International Institute, St. Louis
Jamie H. Thompson, UO/E, Warsaw
Jaime Torres-Rivera, St. Louis Community College & Hispanic Leaders Group
Pendy Trujillo, Cooperating School Districts, St. Louis
Christina Vásquez-Case, MU Rural Sociology
Pat Williams, UO/E, Springfield
Sandra Zambrana, Hispanic Latino Association (HISLA), UMSL

Special Cooperation

  • Nelly Patiño, artistic director of the cultural event
  • Laura Cárdenas, designer of the 2003 and 2004 Cambio de colores logos
  • The Hispanic Leaders Group of Greater St. Louis