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Latinos in the Heartland
Shaping the Future: Leadership for Inclusive Communities

June 10-12, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri

Cambio de Colores is a multistate conference about integration of immigrants in new destinations in the Midwest.
It is a professional development opportunity that engages practitioners, researchers, and those working with immigrant communities
in sharing experiences and knowledge that facilitate the integration of immigrants in new settlement areas.


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This year's conference was an exciting gathering of practitioners, researchers, educators,
community members, students, and other professionals from across the Midwest and the United States.
Many thanks go out to everyone involved: presenters, plenary speakers, site visit hosts, conference organizers,
our hosts at UMKC, participants, and of course the actors from Vang.

This energetic annual meeting of people working from different disciplines, locations, and approaches
to immigrant integration continues to grow and foster new ideas through the exchanges
of research and best practices across many fields.

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