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Latinos in the Heartland

“Latinos and Immigrants
in Midwestern Communities”

May 24-26, 2010
Stoney Creek Inn, Columbia, Missouri


Organizing Committee

Executive Committee:

Conference Director: Domingo Martínez Castilla, Cambio Center & HLAFSA, University of Missouri-Columbia (MU)

Content Advisors:
Corinne Valdivia, Agricultural Economics – Division of Applied Social Sciences; Cambio Center fellow & HLAFSA, MU
Stephen Jeanetta, Community Development; Cambio Center fellow & HLAFSA, MU

Theme Chairs

  • Entrepreneurship and Economic Development: Christina Vásquez Case, Alianzas/University of Missouri Extension/UMKC Institute of Human Development; Cambio Center fellow
  • Education: Lisa Y. Flores, College of Education, MU, Cambio Center fellow; Alejandra Gudiño, MU Extension, Cambio Center fellow
  • Health: Benjamin Mueller, University of Illinois National Center for Rural Health Professions at Rockford, Illinois, and Kay Conklin, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, MU; Cambio Center fellow
  • Civil Rights: Corinne Valdivia
  • Change & Integration: Stephen Jeanetta

Conference Office
Tim Morris, MU Conference Office Manager
Barbara Wills

Kansas City Coordinator:
Mercedes Saint Elin, Alianzas/University of Missouri Extension/UMKC Institute of Human Development

Graduate Assistants:
Chu Chun Fu, MU
Tracey Straight, MU

Planning Committee:

  • Kenneth Burke, Washington University, St. Louis
  • Kathryn B. Chval, MU Education
  • Deborah Cohen, University of Missouri - St. Louis
  • Paula Cupertino, University of Kansas Med Center
  • Judith Davenport, MU Social Work (Emerita)
  • Lisa Dorner, University of Missouri - St. Louis
  • Pedro V Dozi, MU Ag Econ
  • Cornelia B. Flora, Iowa State University
  • Jan L. Flora, Iowa State University
  • Mary S. Leuci, MU Community Development
  • Louise Miller, MU Nursing
  • Alejandro Morales, MU Education
  • Ben Mueller, University of Illinois
  • Elver A. Pardo, MU Extension
  • Carrie L.Tyler, Centro Latino, Columbia, MO
  • Rubén Martínez, Michigan State University, Julian Samora Institute
  • Tracey A. Straight, MU Journalism
  • Jaime Torres-Rivera, Hispanic Leaders Group, St. Louis
  • Alisa Warren, Missouri Commission of Human Rights
  • James B. Wirth, MU Extension

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13 May, 2010

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