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Latinos in the Heartland

Latinos in the Heartland:
Migration and Shifting Human Landscapes

June 8-10, 2011
Holiday Inn SE Waterpark
Kansas City, Missouri

Organizing Committee

Executive Committee

Conference Director: Domingo Martínez Castilla, Cambio Center, University of Missouri

Steering Committee:

  • Andrew Behnke, North Carolina State University
  • Rubén Martínez, Michigan State University
  • Christina Vasquez Case, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Lisa Y. Flores, University of Missouri
  • Stephen Jeanetta, University of Missouri
  • Corinne Valdivia, University of Missouri

Content Advisors:

  • Corinne Valdivia, Agricultural Economics – Division of Applied Social Sciences; Cambio Center fellow & HLAFSA, MU
  • Stephen Jeanetta, Community Development; Cambio Center fellow & HLAFSA, MU

Theme Coordinators

  • Change and Integration: Corinne Valdivia & Stephen Jeanetta, Cambio Center fellows, MU
  • Civil Rights and Political Participation: Domingo Martínez, MU, and Mary Giovagnoli, Immigration Policy Center
  • Education: Lisa Y. Flores, University of Missouri
  • Health: Kay Conklin, University of Missouri
  • Entrepreneurship: Planning Committee

MU Conference Office
Erica Lovercamp, Conference Coordinator

Administrative Liaison
Gabriela Rentería-Poepsel, Cambio Center, MU

Graduate Assistants:
Chu-Chun Fu, MU - Content
Tracey Straight, MU - PR


Planning Committee

David Aguayo, University of Missouri
Andrea Campetella, , Washington University in St. Louis 
Lisa Dorner, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Jan Flora, Iowa State University
Alejandra Gudiño, University of Missouri - Extension
Zola Knowles Moon, University of Arkansas
Alejandro Morales, University of Missouri
Elver Pardo, University of Missouri
Luis Zayas, Washington University in St. Louis 

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24 May, 2011


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